Staff and Mandate

With the work of climate change gaining more and more importance, a Ministerial Regulation has been issued where the mandate of the Climate Change Management and Coordination Division (CCMC) of the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) has been updated. The current mandate is stipulated below:

  • To formulate policies, strategies, and action plans in tackling the causes and effects related to climate change, including carbon sink, greenhouse gas emissions as well as conducting studies, researches, and initiate improvement where necessary; To recommend for the development and formulation of national policies, strategies and action plans to prevent and address climate change, greenhouse gas emission and sinks, including conducting climate change-related studies, research and development
  • To propose solutions, criteria, and measures in implementing climate actions at the national and international levels, including when negotiating treaties, and international accords related to climate change in accordance with socio-economic interest of the nation; To propose national and international guidelines, criteria and mechanisms to address climate change, including framework and national positions when negotiating in the relevant convention, protocol and other international agreements related to climate change, in accordance with national socio-economic conditions and interests
  • To promote cooperation and coordination between government agencies and private sector in implementing activities and projects related to climate change;
  • To propose measures to promote cooperation and coordination between the public and private sectors to address climate change
  • To monitor and coordinate with the public and private sectors to address climate change;
  • To cooperate or support the implementation of other relevant agencies, as assigned